Chelsea 2-0 Fenerbahce ,UCL

Live Streams : Chelsea vs Fenerbahce

19:45 GMT [Champions League 1/4 Final]Chelsea – Fenerbahce

Stream #1 OR Stream #2

from livefooty


Goals Clip : Chelsea 2-0 Fenerbahce

Champions League Quarter Finals
20:45 CET – Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Live During The Match


M. Ballack 1-0

F.Lampard 2-0


Pre Match Preview : Chelsea Vs. Fenerbahce 8 April 2008
Click Here for Video

Chance hits the right post by J.Cole then a shoot by Ballack 8′
Click Here for Video

Shoot for Chelsea by Drogba 22′
Click Here for Video

Great play between J.cole and Drogba ends with a shoot by Drogba 33′
Click Here for Video

Good sprint by Kalou ends with shoot saved by Demirel 41′
Click Here for Video

Another chance for Chelsea by Drogba 47′
Click Here for Video

Free Kick for Chelsea and great shoot by Drogba 78′
Click Here for Video

What a missed chances for Fenerbahce and unbelievable save by Hilarios 82′
Click Here for Video

by ReMad2; ScreaManUnited



Chelsea 2-0 Fenerbahce
MQ – .flv

Pre Match Preview
1-0 Ballack
2-0 Lampard

Credits: ReMad2

by Fabritz


Chelsea 2-0 Fenerbahce

MQ – .flv

M. Ballack 1-0

F.Lampard 2-0

Files converted to .avi from .flv
Credit to: a_cat

by ScreaManUnited


Chelsea vs Fenerbahce




1-0 Ballack
2-0 Lampard

by garincha


Highlights Video : Chelsea vs Fenerbahce

Chelsea 20 Fenerbahce
Download Part1
Download Part2

by mariozab7


FULL MATCH (Premiere live – 16:9 – Turkish commentary)

before match…

Chelsea _vs_ Fenerbahce
full game
637 MB, Avi, HQ,

7 part

by demon


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